We don't just develop great software.
We understand complexity of software environments too.

For the last 25 years we have been delivering products and services that increase the efficiency and productivity of different organizations. From technical advice, education and all the way to products, our applications power startups, medium sized and large market players. International companies from financial, logistics, industrial and other sectors trust us.

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Organizations of all type create innovative applications to solve their business problems.

Nevertheless many of them struggle with software quality because its development and delivery is challenging. In the last 10 years DevOps has emerged as the predominant standard for efficient management of the overall software lifecycle. Our team of experts know how to get the most from software projects. We teach clients how to implement a systematic process of continuous value delivery to end users using DevOps concepts.

Custom development solutions

With our large team of skillful software developers, we create applications on-demand. Armed with extensive software knowledge and expertise, we can cope with any of the challenges that companies face today.

Whether it is a simple application that needs to work according to a client's requirements or a complex case where a turn-key solution is required, we have what it takes to deliver the objective without jeopardizing the project's budget.

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Outsource a team of people to get more value

Organizations of all sizes often need experts to speed up the development process. This is where our teams can help.

They have a history of successfully completed projects and can fully integrate in business environments from other companies. Besides developing applications, they also teach companies how to get the most value by mentoring their staff, leading projects, implementing best-in-class tools and concepts, and so on.


Using agile and lean methodology from DevOps, we transform ideas into successful products.

Years of development and work have resulted in BizDataX, our flagship product for masking sensitive and managing test data. During our history we have also developed various products such as:

  • TeamCompanion, which connects Microsoft Outlook and Team Foundation Server (TFS) users

  • EkoHrok, an advanced solution for communicating with the Croatian Loan Payables Register (HROK) database

  • Mawis, Mobile Automated Waste Identification System for waste disposal management

Driven by constant improvement, our employees hold all important certificates in Project management (PMP), Application development (MCPD, Enterprise MCPD), System administration (MCITP, MCSE, MCDBA), MS ALM MVP. We are always eager to learn new things and happy to share years of experience in order to help our customers achieving better business results.

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We choose our employees and they choose us because we appreciate the same things. Some companies call it values, some call it culture – you may refer to it as you wish. The fact is, we believe we are a set of creative individuals that support honesty, innovation and integrity. By working together as one, we create tangible value for our customers and partners.

Goran Glišić

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