The continuous effort we invest in the development of our flagship product has resulted in improved performance for our users.

Database processing speed is often one of the most important things that customers pay attention to. Database performance is the most important non-functional requirement of an enterprise data masking solution. The reason for this is because customers want to process their anonymization projects in the shortest amount of time. They don’t want to slow down database operations just to mask/anonymize their files.

The new version significantly reduced the time it takes to perform this task. Instead of losing hours or even days on data anonymization, BizDataX might only take minutes to do the job.

If a database contains 2 billion records, BizDataX can process the complete database in less than two hours! Achieving optimized speed levels is, of course, depending on factors like hardware, network, database technology, database configuration, etc. Nevertheless, we managed to reach high-speed levels at one of our clients during the implementation.

We have a dedicated website that covers BizDataX for more details. If you are interested in reading more about this area, visit the site HERE.

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