BizDataX has finally released its 5.0 version. The highlight of this edition is that, from now on, users can mask sensitive data via a web interface – a data masking web application

Two essential parts, the Portal and Designer, make up the end-to-end data masking and data anonymization solution known as BizDataX:

  1. BizDataX Portal – is a web application for managing data masking projects. Until V5.0, the following features were available: Creating a data source, importing the environment, subsetting data, searching for sensitive data, creating a specification, and executing a data masking package (from the Designer).
  2. BizDataX Designer – is an add-on for Microsoft Visual Studio that allows you to create packages for masking data or generating synthetic data.

Until this edition, the only way to create masking packages was using the Designer, which requires Visual Studio. The plan was to enable users to define and configure anonymization rules on the web interface and to have all functionalities in one part, the BizDataX Portal. Since data masking is now possible without using the BizDataX Designer, the new main release of BizDataX is version 5.0.

What does data masking web application do for you?

The theme of the portal changed. We included descriptions of the field’s functioning and prior field usage in the tooltip next to the field. Wizard function We added the “Wizard” function under the “Data masking” option. It replaces the “Specification” functionality. However, the highlight of version 5.0 is the introduction of data masking on the Portal and “Add-onsfunctionality.

“Add-ons” functionality

During the installation of older versions, it was necessary to load the NuGet packages necessary to use the supported databases. Users found it difficult to register NuGet later if they didn’t load it during installation. Through the add-ons functionality, we can now easily register packages that are needed to work with supported databases (“Analyzer”), without the need for reinstallation. Users can add NuGet quickly at any moment. Add-ons functionality Users can use “Add-ons” functionality to register packages for finding specific sensitive data (“Discoverers”) and packages for creating specific masking data (“Generators”). Data masking on the Portal cannot be done without generators, which is why Add-ons functionality is crucial. Add-ons functionality

The algorithms in “Discoverer” can find sensitive information including names, surnames, addresses, social security numbers from different countries, credit card numbers, etc. If there isn’t a “Discoverer” to look for particular data, it’s enough to develop an algorithm and register a .dll using “Add-ons” functionality.

Similarly, our “Generators” include numerous techniques and algorithms for masking and producing specific kinds of data: names, surnames, email addresses, decimal numbers, numbers in a specific range, corporate names, national identification numbers, dates, Etc.

For each client’s unique set of data that the user must mask, we can develop an algorithm and easily register it using the “Add-ons” functionality.

Check out the following video to learn how to register an add-on: Add-ons registration on Portal v5.0

Design Data Masking Plan

After finding where sensitive data is stored, using the “Sensitive data discovery” functionality, we can go ahead to the next step – data masking. With only two steps, the process is very simple:

  1. Choose the tables and fields you wish to mask by following the Wizard’s straightforward procedures.
  2. Decide how you want to mask each column by selecting pre-made Generators that users entered using the Add-ons functionality.

BizDataX also supports the entry of “Custom” values as well as automated constants like Empty (“”) and Null (null). “Custom” values allow the introduction of custom constants or functions that can be created in C# code. Design data masking plan The generators also give users the choice of input values and the “Repeater key” option. It defines which data BizDataX masks with the same values using the repeater. This way BizDataX supports the integrity of reference data. Additionally, BizDataX still supports restartability technology, which enables users to restart package execution from the point at which the earlier attempt was interrupted and stopped. Design data masking plan

The last step of the Wizard is the “Overview”, which is visible even after we close the creation of the Plan. Each produced plan may then be changed and updated using the “Overview” or the navigation menu.

Watch the following video to learn more about data masking on the BizDataX Portal: Data masking on Portal v5.0

Through the Portal, BizDataX can produce synthetic data in an identical manner as before, for:

  • if you don’t have enough data,
  • if you want to expand the data collection, or
  • if you don’t have any data at all for testing.

BizDataX produces synthetic data using actual data and procedures. The generated data is the same as the real data – for example, BizDataX will always generate “name” as a real name, “Personal Identification Number” (OIB) as a legitimate OIB, “Credit Card Number” as a valid Credit Card Number, …

Check out the following video to learn how the BizDataX Portal creates synthetic data: Generiranje sintetičkih podataka u Portalu v5.0 

Data masking with BizDataX Designer

The emphasis in this edition was primarily on improving the Portal and its features. Minor changes have improved BizDataX Designer. One of the more significant functionalities is automatic repeaters which we base on a foreign key. This way, when BizDataX masks a column with a foreign key, it automatically sets the key and name of the repeater.

Check out the following videos to learn how to mask sensitive data and generate synthetic data using Visual Studio.

Why is data masking better via web application?

While collaborating with clients, we have realized that using Visual Studio as a tool for designing masking packages is, simply put, not user friendly. This is especially the case with users who have no programming knowledge. Portal and new functionalities help BizDataX users be more productive and time efficient. Here you can see previous BizDataX versions as well as stories of successful implementiation of BizDataX data masking web application.

See our wiki documentation and feel free to download it. Please get in touch with us; we’d be pleased to arrange a proof-of-concept demonstration and demonstrate how BizDataX operates with your data. Visit our specialist page on data anonymization and masking for more details.

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