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Ekobit helps with digital transformation of the Croatian Post

Croatian Post and its IT company MIPS hired Ekobit to develop a mobile application to be part of their “Digital Postman” project.


In cooperation with the company MIPS, Ekobit has successfully delivered the first version of the “Digital postman” mobile application to the Croatian Post. The mobile application was developed for the Android mobile platform and is integrated with the “Delivery” module that is a part of the MIPS post office business suite. Postal workers will use the application to track delivery status and handover management on a daily basis.


During the initial phase, the “Digital Postman” is available in the town of Varaždin (northern Croatia). In the meantime, a number of new features will be implemented that will enable deployment to each postal worker all over Croatia. The application will significantly improve the delivery experience for both the postal workers and the clients.


The project is continuing Ekobit’s work in the area of the digital transformation of postal services. In 2016. A mobile application was also developed for Post of Slovenia and its 2000 postal workers as a part of the similar “Mobile Postman” project.


For more information on Mobile Postman project, read our case study HERE.

October 6, 2017

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