d!nk is a Belgian company that helps salespeople be more efficient. Their goal is to give sales professionals the right tools that enable them to focus on the clients and eliminate sales time wasters.

Having a good business model is only one part of their success story. The other part is having a great team of developers that will make this model work and grow. Ekobit’s employees are a crucial part of their development efforts and make sure that every idea becomes a viable product. From technical specifications, agile product development, application testing and all the way to deployment and continuous support, we work with d!nk to provide their clients with products they need.

Today, d!nk’s products are used by 15.000 sellers in 48 countries and they don’t plan to stop there. We are glad to be an important part of their story and are looking forward to continuing the cooperation for many years that will come.

For more information on how we work with d!nk, make sure to have a look at the case study.


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