Our portfolio of BizDataX clients got bigger for Erste Group Bank, one of the leading financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

The new BizDataX client employs 46.600 people and provides services to 15.8 million clients in 2.500 branches in seven countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Serbia). Erste Bank is the third largest bank in Croatia, with primary focus on retail operations, small and mid-sized companies, as well as large corporations.

In order to fully commit to GDPR regulative, Erste bank set a goal to protect their databases that contain a lot of sensitive data and proprietary files. Similar to Erste, banking clients, in general, have to pay special attention to GDPR, especially if clients want to use one of their “GDPR rights”, such as the right to be forgotten. The challenge for banks is that they have to define strategies to handle complex relationships from every single table where personal data is placed. This means appropriately locating all information and preserving referential integrity across their databases and systems.

Thanks to BizDataX, the testing teams from Erste bank can anonymize private data on-demand and leave that information out of GDPR scope. With BizDataX they can make sure that sensitive data is protected and that their clients don’t have to worry about exposing their private data.

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