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New platform for web-based auctions for Aucxis

Aucxis is a global leader in E-Trade solutions with more than 150 automated auctions successfully running on their technology. The company is specialized for automated auctions that are commonly used in the markets of perishable products. These types of auctions are typically used for fish, flowers, fruit and vegetable auctions.



New platform for web-based auctions for Aucxis



Since the current auction systems require a lot of hardware and software at the auction location, Aucxis recognized that their users needed more flexibility and independence. They decided to develop KOSMOS, a web-based auction clock and information system that would allow users to participate at the auctions from any PC and location. Because Ekobit was already working with Aucxis on other projects, they decided to hire our experts to help them with the development.


The motivation behind the product was to develop a generic platform that can be used for numerous clients while offering additional functionalities that auction players require. One of the biggest challenges was to assure that the performance of the new system is at a high level. There are auction houses that have more than 1000 clients that participate simultaneously, which means that the new web application must have a very quick response in real time.


Ekobit’s development team integrated modern technologies in the KOSMOS platform. ASP.NET Core is in the backend of the platform, Angular in the frontend, SQL Server is used for data storage and AKKA framework for the platform architecture. Azure Kubernetes Service is powering the platform in the cloud.


The KOSMOS platform is an evolution of the auction system that had a different set of requirements 30 years ago. It is cloud-based, which means it is available from any location all the time. Each user logs in on the web page and can use the software applications based on his/her rights. The web application has an information portal where buyers and sellers retrieve general statistics or personalized information.



New platform for web-based auctions for Aucxis



In a nutshell, the new platform provides Aucxis with an accurate and scalable solution for real-time challenges and simple adjustments for new clients via a centralized administrative system. On the 4th of June 2019, Brixham fish market introduced the KOSMOS platform to all of their buyers. The market is one of the largest fish markets in England by the value of fish sold – https://brixhamfishmarket.co.uk/fish-market-auction/. The KOSMOS platform will also be used by other major auction markets globally, which makes Ekobit proud to be a part of the Aucxis’ success.


For more information, please visit the official Aucxis website.


June 7, 2019

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