We are happy to announce another successful implementation of a data anonymization project at one of the largest credit card processors in the region.

Ekobit implemented its flagship product, BizDataX, at Mercury Processing Services International, formerly known as Intesa Sanpaolo Card. The company is specialized in payment processing services, acquiring solutions, payment acceptance, value-added services, and issuing solutions. With 87 transactions occurring every second and 1.5 million transactions per day, Mercury Processing Services International was a challenge for BizDataX.

Companies such as Mercury process thousands of files stored in large databases. In order to perform testing they need to make sure that imported data is anonymized and without breaking policies such as GDPR. This refers to databases, synced files and to new files that have to be synced after the initial anonymization is done.

By using BizDataX data anonymization solution we enabled Mercury Processing Services International testing teams to provision relevant and realistic test data on demand. Automating test data provisioning supports Mercury Processing Services International’s strategy of reducing time-to-market, committing to the data privacy regulations and improving quality of the application portfolio.

We are glad that one of their team members shared a testimonial about our cooperation. This successful cooperation demonstrates Ekobit’s expertise in data anonymization solutions for the financial sector.

Based on our very good experience with Ekobit’s professional staff and their .NET technology expertise, which helped us in the past to build our card management system, we have decided to continue with the implementation of the BizDataX test data management tool. And we were not wrong. Implementing the tool has helped us in many ways to get reliable and relevant test data very fast. It integrates into our development process just perfectly and enables us to significantly improve our quality assurance systems, while at the same completely assuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Branimir Liker, Head of Back Office Department, Mercury Processing Services International

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