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We're a software development agency founded on the principles of technical excellence, self-improvement, and information sharing. To find your next challenge, go through our open positions or submit an open application.

Who are we looking for?​

We recognize Ekobeings and those who are yet to be by:

  • The desire for constant progress and learning
  • Passion for everything we do
  • Unselfish sharing of knowledge with colleagues and the wider community
  • A curious mind, encouraging change and innovation
  • Putting “we” before “I”
  • Willingness to help!
where to start

Selection process​

From application to Ekobit employee in few simple steps

Ekobit process selection
Job ad or open application

If you see yourself in Ekobit, but we do not currently have an open position that matches your profile, send us an open application.

Resume overview

We live in a fast-paced world, and we recognize the importance of receiving rapid feedback. As a result, we will review your resume as soon as possible and get in touch with you.

Phone interview

A chance for you to get more information about Ekobit and the job posting, and a chance for us to get to know you a bit.

Interview and assignment

A chance to meet potential colleagues in person and get a sense of the Ekobit culture. You may also be asked to complete a technical assignment as part of the process. Don’t be concerned; this is your opportunity to shine.

Final round

Just a small chat with one of our Board members and your future team Lead.

Job offer

Usually the shortest part of the process. We send you the offer, you say yes, and we work together happily ever after.

Work with awesome team

You’re now officially an Ekobeing, and from this step on you shall never walk alone. Your colleagues will be there for you to share working and fun moments. Wellcome!

Ekobit Employee
No ping pong, sorry

What do we offer​

We aspire to create an environment that promotes personal growth and development, fosters relationships with coworkers, and values individuality.

Professional growth

Ekobit and Ekobeings operate on the principles of constant development and learning. We contribute to the culture by providing an educational budget for each team member. Every Ekobeing has the option of spending it on conferences, courses, books, or learning a foreign language. Furthermore, our employees are eager to share their knowledge in internal speed talks known as PizzaTalks.

Professional growth

Excellence in IT

We consider the long term when making business decisions and strive for sustainable growth. As evidenced by many years of collaboration with our clients, we are known for developing high-quality software and products. These outcomes are the result of our employees’ expertise in a variety of fields, as well as our strong commitment to never compromising on deadlines or quality.

Make a big impact

You can select a career canvas at Ekobit. Is it about mentoring an intern (Ekoship) and assisting young talent in their first career steps? Perhaps knowledge sharing and lecturing at IT conferences? Or is it DevArena, our technology conference? Whatever it is, you will have numerous opportunities to leave your mark and contribute.

Career Path

Unique career path

We value and encourage diversity in all aspects of our operations because we believe it is critical to our success. Each member is approached individually. Through regular checkup conversations and respect for your interests, we advance your career while balancing the goals of the organization and the team.

Work flexibility

You can work from home from the comfort of your armchair and pyjamas, in addition to having flexible working hours that suit both night owls and early risers. Use your 40 working hours per week as you see fit and adapt your work to your lifestyle. We do, however, recommend stopping by the office for some human contact, a cup of coffee, a chat, and a few laughs.

Flexible work
Work life ballance

Work-life balance

Life balance is critical for productivity. As a result, our employees are not required to work overtime, and the vast majority of them are completely unaware of the concept. In addition, we get 30 days off per year to recharge our batteries. Bring a fridge magnet home with you if you use it for travel.

Ekosphere: work and fun combined

We communicate openly, regularly, and casually at all levels of Ekobit. As a result, it is not surprising that many coworkers have become friends (frolleageus – colleagues who are also friends). Ekobit encourages socialization through team building, whether it is formal, organized yearly and quarterly, or informal, daily, at a nearby coffee shop. After work, social space frequently transforms into a socializing scene where we test our strength in board games and quizzes.

Work Fun
Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces

We believe that our small offices allow us to be more productive, so we are not fans of open-plan offices. We don’t have a dress code either. We know that an average developer’s coffee and tea consumption is measured in gallons, so we made sure to provide enough free fuel in the office to keep the engine running.

"Under construction"

By welcoming new ideas and continuing to improve both big stuff and perks, we are constantly developing and improving benefits for Ekobeings. You play an important role in creating an environment that is unique to you.

Under Construction
Employee stories

Why joining us is a great idea​​

I started working for a German client, which brought many opportunities: I started learning German, traveled to Germany to meet with the client, and started educating myself by attending conferences (Spain, Belgium, USA, etc.) and obtaining certifications. I am very proud of myself for having the courage to become a conference speaker; the fact that my first appearance was at Ekobit’s DevArena helped a lot.



Senior Software Engineer

My first days at Ekobit were very exciting because they gave me the opportunity to work on real-world projects, collaborate with international colleagues, and contribute to the development of a large software solution while I was still a student. I’ve advanced in all aspects of my job and still feel like I’m learning even after being here for the past 20 years, thanks in large part to our educational program. ​



Principal Software Engineer, Consultant & Project Manager

I joined Ekobit with only two years of experience. Even after seven years here, I believe Ekobit’s greatest value is in constantly learning something new and different. When we try something new, we like to share our thoughts on speed talks called PizzaTalks. Furthermore, despite recent significant growth, the culture of a smaller company has been preserved. ​



Senior Software Developer