Why joining us is a great idea

Interesting projects

Automating business buildings, ordering an ambulance through an app, protecting sensitive data in a test environment… in a word - projects that matter and make a difference. To the world, to companies, to your career


Education, education, education - no, we don't put "certificates which matter to Ekobit and Ekobit only" under the term "education". What we DO mean is - you have your own budget and you can spend it in various ways, from conferences to cool hardware.

Paid vacation

30 days of paid vacation that you can use however you want. That’s more than a month and a half every year!


In case you prefer to work from home sometimes or can't come to the office before a certain time, we are completely fine with this.

Employee stories

Ekobit Janja Ekobit Danijel Ekobit Ivan
  • On my last year as a math student (specializing in computing), I responded to an ad to work at Ekobit. I got the job and started working on a project for a client from Germany, where I learned a lot with the help of my mentors and gained more responsibilities with each day. Working on that project opened many opportunities: I started learning German, traveled to Germany to visit the client and started educating myself through conferences (Spain, Belgium, USA....) and certifications. I also got enough courage to become a conference speaker myself, at Ekobit's DevArena conference. As time passed by, I mastered many development technologies and worked on new projects. Systematically a mentee became a mentor, and today I lead some projects and share my knowledge to junior colleagues.


    Senior Software Engineer

  • I started at Ekobit as a junior developer while I was a graduate at FER, and meanwhile, 10 years passed and now I run several project for foreign and domestic clients and supervise young people who are walking at the same path as I have. The company has been really helpful and cooperative about professional and personal growth, particularly in adapting work hours.


    Software Developer and Project Leader

  • I started working in Ekobit as a 3rd year student. Ekobit was looking for a developer with the exact knowledge and skills I already had, and the ones I wanted to improve. At that time, an opportunity for a new project with a large client in Germany opened at Ekobit. I immediately got the opportunity to be part of the essential projects, to work in an international team and to participate in the development of a very large software solution, and business cooperation with an important business partner. From then on almost 20 years have passed, and I have developed myself professionally and personally in Ekobit. Through various projects and technological innovations, especially with Ekobit's educational program, I have made progress in every segment essential to career development.