WebRTC – powerful real-time communication technology for modern web and mobile apps

In the world of web applications, everyone loves the scenario where one app requests an action and another app responds to that request afterward.

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Angular Architecture Tutorial – Part I

In this part of the Angular architecture tutorial, you will be introduced with an initial structure of an Angular application, together with a process of building and preparing your first Angular application for deployment.

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New platform for web-based auctions for Aucxis

Aucxis is a global leader in E-Trade solutions with more than 150 automated auctions successfully running on their technology. The company is specialized for automated auctions that are commonly used...

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New location of our Varaždin office

Our Ekobit team in Varaždin recently moved to new premises! The new location is still in Varaždin, but from now on at Kapucinski trg.   The location has more offices...

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Ekobit’s developers continue to be an important part of d!nk’s success

d!nk is a Belgian company that helps salespeople be more efficient. Their goal is to give sales professionals the right tools that enable them to focus on the clients and...

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Who needs to consider data anonymization for GDPR compliance?

With GDPR running for some time, we notice that many companies are late with its proper implementation.   GDPR demands from companies to comply on multiple levels, including the protection...

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BizDataX version 3.7 released

The emphasis in the version lies on significantly improved sensitive data discovery module. Here are the two major improvements we added.   1. Better sensitive data discovery process Discovery process...

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BizDataX release of version 3.5

The continuous effort we invest in the development of our flagship product has resulted in improved performance for our users.

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Erste Bank is using BizDataX for data anonymization

Our portfolio of BizDataX clients got bigger for Erste Group Bank, one of the leading financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Successful data anonymization project at Mercury Processing Services International

We are happy to announce another successful implementation of a data anonymization project at one of the largest credit card processors in the region.

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Ekobit helps with digital transformation of the Croatian Post

Croatian Post and its IT company MIPS hired Ekobit to develop a mobile application to be part of their “Digital Postman” project.

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