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DevArena – Ekobit’s annual IT event



Every year Ekobit organizes a DevArena event. During the event, we introduce news and various topics from the world of IT development.


DevArena is a leading professional conference on software development and information technology topics. The topics range from .Net and Windows development and platforms all the way to how to increase the efficiency of the development environment and how to develop and maintain software with a structured team approach. At the conference, you can meet top-ranked speakers and experts. Some of them are leading MVPs and highest-rated conference lecturers.


This year’s DevArena event will be the 13th in a row. During this period, the event turned into one of the most known events in Croatia with more than 200 participants every year.


To read more about the event and to stay tuned for news and updates, please visit the conference site HERE.


April 15, 2018

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