Our business models

How we operate

how we operate

Make the most of our adaptable collaboration models and partner-focused approach!

We will be a stable and reliable partner that delivers on your goals in an error-free manner from the very beginning all the way through to the very end thanks to our well-established procedures and deep expertise that has been demonstrated through years of experience in the market for full-cycle software development.


Three flexible engagement models

We'll collaborate on your terms

Tell us your business goals and the specifics of your project, and we’ll recommend a solution that’s a good fit.

This method excels at long-term, complicated projects with hazy specifications.

T&M’s excellent adaptability lets you modify requirements immediately, regardless of where you are in the development process, to accommodate shifts in the market. Each iteration delivers a working version of your solution, and the contract can be terminated at any time if you’re happy with the progress.

  • Flexible processes and budgeting that can be adjusted as needed
  • A high level of adaptability and change management with a low level of risk
  • Easily accessible throughout the all stages of software development
  • Manageable requirements and scope

Time and Material

Time and Material

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

Ideal for large-scale corporate endeavors and growth initiatives.

You have access to a scalable team of experts and complete freedom to determine team size, development approach, project scope, and timelines.

  • Budgeting that is predictable, with simple cost monitoring
  • Rapid resource scaling and replacement
  • A modifiable level of control over the project
  • High degree of project control

Does wonders for software development projects of any complexity or size.

Spending months prospecting, recruiting, and onboarding new employees is a waste of time. It’s the ideal solution for projects with in-house teams that require particular responsibilities to be performed by specialists who have the appropriate level of experience and expertise. You supply the requirements, and we find a candidate that is a perfect fit for the role.

  • Immediate access to talent with quick onboarding
  • Complete control over the team from start to finish
  • Cost predictability with no internal labor expenses
  • No investment in infrastructure or administrative processes

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation