Internship in Ekobit



What is Ekoship?

Theory, courses, and lectures are certainly a good base, but we believe that the best way to learn is through working on a specific project. Therefore, we include our interns from the first day on the team and give them real assignments from the real project.

Through four weeks of practice, you have the opportunity to feel what it is like to be part of Ekobit and the world of work. Don’t worry – you are mentored, guided, and taught by team members and the mentor. Ekoship in Ekobit is usually just the beginning. After four weeks of practice, many student talents remain in Ekobit as a permanent student reinforcement, and after graduation, they become full-fledged Ekobeings.

where to start

Selection process​

From application to Ekobit internship in few simple steps

Ekobit process selection
Internship ad or open application
Ekoship is a spring, summer, and winter internship, and we accept open applications all year round. If you see yourself in Ekobit, feel free to contact us or send an open application.
CV scan

We live in an accelerated world, and we know that our quick feedback is important to you. For this reason, we will try to review your resume and contact you as soon as possible.

Phone interview

Opportunity to find out more information about us through a conversation with our HR team, and for us to get a first impression of you. Be sure to prepare questions that interest you.

Meeting the mentor

In addition to information about the internship program, this is a step in which you meet your potential mentor. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills through theoretical questions.

Working and learning with our cool crew

From this step on, you shall never walk alone – you’ll be accompanied by great colleagues and a helpful mentor.

Do you want to meet us in person?

Find us at student fairs

Have a live chat about the internship, opportunities for students or anything else that interests you. Check out the calendar below to see where you can meet us.

Tjedan karijera CPRSK FOI 2022

Career Week 2022

23 May, 2022 - 27 May, 2022
Meet the mathematicians 2022

Meet the Mathematicians 2022

20 May, 2022 - 20 May, 2022
Ekobit Employee
Internship like no other

What do we offer?

We foster an environment that promotes personal growth and development, nurtures relationships with coworkers, and values individuality.

You'll never walk alone

During the internship, you will be guided by your mentor, an experienced Ekobeing who rules the world of IT. The mentor ensures that you receive all necessary information, and there are other Ekobeings who are always willing to assist and share their experience with you. HR will advise your initial steps, and you can contact them with any questions or concerns.

Hands on experience

Hands-on experience

A student internship at Ekobit allows you to become a member of our inner circle. You will not be left to study on your own; rather, you will be given numerous suggestions for choosing the right path. In addition to working on an actual project with a real client, you will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as team building, daily coffees, after-work gatherings, and so on.


Going out, cinema, theater, gadgets, games, (e) sports, and beer all have a price. Alongside valuable knowledge and experience, Ekobit also provides valuable pocket money. Make good use of it!


Knowledge sharing (is caring)

Besides guided mentoring, Ekobit offers numerous opportunities to gain technical and non-technical knowledge, ranging from a diverse professional literature library to PizzaTalk, internal lectures, and DevArena, our growing conference for developers.

You don't need to pick one

Do you have spare time? Maybe two or more days a week? Or would you like to take advantage of a free semester or summer vacation? Ekoship might be exactly what you’re looking for. We are aware of student obligations, you may adjust your working hours and take as much vacation or exam time as you require. It is as simple as saying a few words to your mentor and team.

Have it all

Ekoship is just a beginning

During the four-week internship, you will learn about life in Ekobit and decide whether we are a good fit for you. If we click on both sides, it opens the door to Ekobit career advancement and other partnerships.

What do students say

Ekoship stories

My expertise is in user interface testing and automation. I create scripts that cover approximately 60 test cases. After Ekoship, I tried other companies during the summer but ultimately decided to return and stay at Ekobit.



Student @ Faculty of Organization and Informatics

Communication with mentors is straightforward, and I am free to ask them any question I want. Prior to Ekoship, I knew nothing about the technologies I now encounter. I’m currently working with the backend technologies DotNet and Entity Framework Core, but I’m also learning the frontend technology Angular.



Student @ Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics

Mentors and colleagues oversee my progress. Positive thoughts boost my confidence. The more confident I am, the more challenges I can overcome. Ekobit was definitely useful in this regard.



Student @ University North