Services we offer

Creating trustworthy and reliable software


Business Apps Development

Build dependable frontend, backend, cloud, and mobile apps designed from the start for automation, security, and compliance.

  • Designated team lead on our side, a seasoned developer
  • Architecting for automation (CI/CD) from day 1
  • Technology and techniques for increased developer’s efficiency and motivation
  • Team committed as your own staff

DevOps Transformation

Automate development pipelines, fine-tune branching strategies, and run efficient testing with Azure DevOps.

  • Automation of software development pipelines (CI/CD)
  • Configuring Azure DevOps in the cloud and on-prem
  • Branching strategies and source code repo management
  • Migrate and sync work item information between Azure DevOps and other systems
  • Automation of software testing

Test Environments and Data

Create smaller test/dev playgrounds with a subset of anonymized data from production for each team or member using BizDataX.

  • Masking/anonymization to create realistic data for test/dev
  • Creating smaller test beds with data subsetting
  • Containers, mocks and virtual services to enable local execution and debugging

DevArena Conference and Coaching

Conference and meetups focusing on software tech and tools. On-demand expertise and guidance for your software teams.

  • DevArena conference for developers + meetups
  • Situational trainings for software teams and individuals
  • Help with choosing the technology stack and architectural style
  • Counseling regarding software practices and techniques: branching, standards, pull requests, reviews, and refactoring