Create test data of production-level quality and stay compliant with GDPR regulative

BizDataX is a data masking that provides test data of production-level quality. It enables compliance with GDPR and other regulations by masking customers' identity while preparing data for testers and developers.

BizDataX Package Execution Process

BizDataX uses data masking to produce test data on schedule or on demand, resulting with compliance with data protection policies. The solution supports test data management using different strategies and concepts:

Data masking/data anonymization

BizDataX provides a data masking toolbox for handling sensitive data (Personally Identifiable Information). Masked data hides the identity of customers and therefore is usable by testers and developers.

Data subsetting

Provide testing teams with personal copies of testing databases. Instead of using large databases for testing, create smaller ones by extracting only a subset of relevant production data.

Sensitive data discovery

BizDataX finds sensitive data in your databases. Regardless of the database size or structure, BizDataX will tell you which data needs to be masked/anonymized.

Synthetic data generation

When production data is unavailable, synthetic data helps in the testing process. BizDataX fills the gaps with synthetic data and gives test engineers data that looks "real".

How BizDataX helps organizations

Better compliance with data privacy regulations

By using masked/anonymized data instead of production data, the risk is significantly reduced.

Staying outside the scope of GDPR

When masked/anonymized test data is used, companies stay outside the scope of GDPR.

More flexibility for test teams

Teams can use different test data for different test environments.

Lower resource requirements with smaller test environment

Using a database that is 10% the size of the production database brings lower costs, shorter testing time and less complexity.

BizDataX supports market players in their business


BizDataX replaces error-prone scripts for masking/anonymizing large databases full of sensitive data

Security Officers

Focus on policy management, business requirements, sensitive data governance and other regulations

Credit Card Processors

Typically test imports and transaction processing connected to large databases and synced files

Database and Business Analysts

Track inventory of databases, data sources, tables and want to know where sensitive data is located

Parcel Delivery & Logistics

Manage large customer databases and exchange data with online partner shops and parcel delivery companies

Test Data Engineers

Implement, test and publish masking and subsetting rules using the BizDataX Portal and Designer

Insurance Companies

Management of medical records is heavily regulated and regulatory compliance can be achieved with data anonymization


Reserve test data using the BizDataX Web portal

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