what we do


We’ve designed and developed KOSMOS, a cloud-based real-time trading platform, the new online standard for the sale and auctioning of agricultural and horticultural products, as well as products from the fishing industry.

Medical personnel can interact with an assisting surgeon, product specialist, or medical professional from anywhere on the globe thanks to smart surgery glasses powered by a digital remote assistance platform.

With Sauter, we’ve created cloud-powered smart building automation and climate control that allows people to live, work, learn, play, and do so much more in environments that are tailored to their own preferences.

Event app allows clients to have full control of the events they organize for any type of audience. The web portal gives event organizers a wide range of options that allow defining events; setting up personalized content; managing flights and hotels; connecting and setting mobile application according to user demands, and much more.

eKupi, Croatia’s largest e-commerce retailer, uses our mobile apps for pickup stations, digital signatures, warehouse operations, and more to support same-day and next-day delivery of thousands of individual orders.

An app that has freed an army of postmen in various countries of paperwork. It is specifically designed to help the postman with his daily activities. It also includes real-time tracking of each mail or package on the last mile, resulting in significant improvements in postal network reliability and end-user satisfaction.

Erste’s software development efforts were supplemented by our BizDataX, which provided anonymized and synthetic data for software development and testing. Because it allows them to stop producing raw copies of production data, our solution is a critical component of compliance processes like GDPR.

Mawis is a route optimization hardware+software solution that was created to optimize the use of garbage trucks in large cities. Data on waste actually collected or sorted by end-users aids in the generation of invoices that promote community cooperation and, as a result, environmental conservation.