Event app​

Web portal for managing rich functionality offered by the application and a multi-platform client app for users to get personalized event information

About the client

With d!nk solutions companies achieve sales process improvements such as faster deal closing, increased hit rate, reduced time on administration and ultimately higher sales revenues. Today, d!nk serves over 12,000 users in 46 countries that engage with over 75,000 sales tools distributed on their platform. Its customer base includes large clients like Renault, Roche, Nutricia, and others.

About the project

Event app allows clients to have full control of the events they organize for any type of audience. The web portal gives event organizers a wide range of options that allow defining events; setting up personalized content; managing flights and hotels; connecting and setting mobile application according to user demands, and much more.

What Ekobit does


What we used on the project

Backend: ASP.NET Core Web API   |   Frontend: Angular   |   Database: MySQL   |   Deploy: Amazon AWS   |   Push notifications: Google Firebase   |   Text recognition: Google Vision API   |   Survey integration: Survey Monkey

The Problem

Organizing large events is complex. It requires managing a lot of information in a limited amount of time.

The Challenge

Create multi-functional applications using d!nk’s 5D service delivery process (Debrief-Design-Develop-Debug-Deliver) to capture the specifications as input for Ekobit’s development team.

Ekobit approach

As a part of broadening the application portfolio, d!nk wanted to develop a new business application to support sales events and sales training. The project required broad technical knowledge in software development, as well as extensive experience with agile product development in order to reach goals within the deadlines.

Because d!nk was looking for a wide range of competencies for developing large applications, Ekobit was a perfect choice as the development center for the project.

Manage everything about the event from a single location

Event app easily creates events to gather all information in one place. Using the application, the person in charge manages users, meetings, transport and hotel information, and sends push notifications using predefined email templates.

The mobile application provides each user with information on their schedule

Using the mobile application allows each user to track the schedule, receive event notifications, complete surveys, scan business cards, subscribe to learning paths and much more.

Event app is configured for customer requirements

Because most of the end users have specific demands that they want to integrate into the application, d!nk and Ekobit can expand the Event app if this is the case. This ranges from specific reporting templates to custom modules like education centers and booking events for outside partners.

The Event App offers an event management portal which integrates different web and mobile applications used by more than 33,000 of sales people and customers. 

“Having a professional and reliable partner like Ekobit significantly contributes to Rods & Cones’s business. Ekobit’s team is deeply involved in our products. The outcome of their work and what they deliver to Rods & Cones is exactly what we are looking for from our partners.”

Jan Dheedene