Web application that solves waste disposal challenges of local communities

About the client

MOBA is a German company with focus on development and production of machine control systems, identification, mobile weighing technology, and flexible software solutions. MOBA Group is a pioneer in identification and mobile weighing technology with well-known customers like Caterpillar, Volvo, Dynapac, Bomag, Vögele, Ammann, Ruthmann, and many more.

About the project

MAWIS integrates clients’ information in a system that plans, tracks and calculates key aspects of waste management. It helps local communities with the optimization of garbage truck routes, calculation of monthly bills and controlling users’ data from a single location.

What Ekobit does


The Problem

Local waste companies have a large number of end users and costs that they have to manage.

The Challenge

Use a centralized platform that will integrate customers, billing systems and truck fleets in order to optimize everyday waste disposal operations.

Ekobit approach

In 1992 MOBA started with equipping local communities in Germany with in-house developed RFID chips to obtain real-time information on waste bins. Ekobit was given extensive documentation that had to be built in the target application and a straightforward task: design and develop an application that would meet MOBA’s requirements.

Working together with MOBA on a day-to-day basis meant constantly updating and testing new features inside of the MAWIS application.

Detailed information for each household

MAWIS matches each household with the information about waste type generated, its weight and how many times each waste bin is unloaded.

Planning of optimized truck routes

Armed with insights on which streets and households need to be visited, MAWIS allows planning of optimized truck routes that save time and gas to do the job.

Monitor the truck fleet directly from MAWIS

MAWIS uses GPS for real-time information on each truck. This helps in-house departments monitor the efficiency of their teams and particularly the vehicles on road.

Calculation and invoice sending

By using MAWIS it is possible to get detailed statistics on each user. Persons in charge can use MAWIS to generate monthly invoices based on the actual waste generation and send it to the end users.

MAWIS is implemented in approximately 200 locations in 9 countries. Households connected to the solution get a transparent way of calculating waste consumption based on actual data.

Ekobit is our long term partner since the first day we started with MAWIS. Their expertise and support was indispensable during the project. Ekobit’s team behind this successful story has proven many times that they can fulfill all types of requirements that made MAWIS a great solution for waste disposal industry.

Ralf Konrad