Pošta Slovenije

Logistics app helping with delivery services

Improved efficiency and business operation of Post of Slovenia with a mobile application for the postal workers.

About the client

Post of Slovenia is a state-owned company with nearly 6,000 employees. The company is one of the leading partners in the business enterprise sector and a universal postal service provider in Slovenia. Their goals are to ensure the highest quality standards for the postal network and in the universal postal, logistics and other services market.

About the project

Armed with a mobile application that makes papers and pens obsolete, the postal workers deliver mail easier, more efficiently and with better data accuracy. With Mobile postman they easily navigate through the list of options once they ring the doorbell of their customers. This assures the traceability of each mail or packages with a real-time update with the central database.

What Ekobit does


The Problem

Postal workers consume a lot of time dealing with paperwork and transcribing this information into a desktop application in the post office.


The Challenge

Create a fully functional and customer-friendly mobile application that communicates with a backend application connected to a centralized location.

Ekobit approach

Post of Slovenia had a goal to improve the efficiency of their workers by eliminating error-prone processes. The idea was to equip every single postal worker with a mobile phone that replaces tons of paper and that is the starting point for storing data on each package. They decided to hire Ekobit because of their skillful team of software developers that possess extensive experience in enterprise applications.

Ekobit received a list of requirements that the application has to fulfill and a dedicated a team of experts to communicate with project members from Post of Slovenia.


One application replaces paperwork

Every package receives a status once it reaches its destination and the application covers all user scenarios. Instead of filling out papers manually, all it takes is a press of an icon on the phone.

Real time track and trace of each package

Whatever the status of the package, the information is automatically stored in a central location. For instance, users can put their digital signature on the mobile phone of the postal worker after receiving their mail and the update is sent to the server.


Less hassle if the package receiver is not at home

The mail carriers are also equipped with a small printer connected to the mobile application. If the customer is not at home, the device prints a paper receipt that users hand over when picking up the package at the post office.

Cross selling right on time

The additional benefit of Mobile postman is selling products from Post of Slovenia. The application also generates receipts for the users, which means that the process is fast, convenient and simple.


Mobile postman contributes to the digitalization of the mail system in Slovenia. More than 2000 postal workers are more efficient in their work and improve the everyday business of Post of Slovenia.

“ Ekobit proved to be an ideal partner on this project. Their professional approach and their development team met all our expectations. We are glad that together we successfully completed the project.”

Matej Breznik