We are


We are a software development agency founded by engineers on the principles of technical excellence, self-improvement, and knowledge sharing. We firmly believe that software development is the driving force behind today’s businesses.

We are committed to developing professional applications and products, providing technical consulting, and organizing educational events to assist clients and users in achieving their goals while increasing organizational efficiency and productivity, particularly for initiatives that rely on software and information technology.


We work with Partners

The software developed by a company may be its most significant competitive advantage. This is why we believe that software should be created by people who are both familiar with the company and have a vested interest in its success. This type of close relationship, a partnership, necessitates a high level of trust and cannot and does not exist in the traditional client model. We work with partners, not clients.

Our values

What we truly believe in

Relational or non-relational databases, cross platform or native, vanilla or chocolate, Beatles or Stones, Sean Connery or Roger Moore… Sounds messy? Well, we don’t always share thoughts and don’t always come up with the same ideas but we do agree on values.

Our values are the attitudes and principles that guide our operations. They are portrayed at all levels, from the hiring of new employees to the company’s culture and customer service. In these values, Ekobeings recognize themselves, their colleagues, and Ekobit as a whole.

Proactiveness and growth

We are proactive in finding opportunities for education and development, thus improving ourselves, our team and Ekobit.

Proactivnes and growth


Every individual in Ekobit and every client we work with is unique, and that is how we approach them.


Although different, we are all part of a whole in which mutual respect, helping, and a friendly attitude are primary. 


Integrity and commitment

Responsibility in respecting deadlines and quality, as well as professional and open communication with colleagues and clients, are imperative for us. 


When making business decisions, we consider the long term, which results in stable, balanced, and long-term relationships both within and outside of Ekobit.